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Sorry, The Gross ‘Cats’ Cut That Seth Rogen Was Hoping For Probably Doesn’t Exist

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Mar 18 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 33 | Comments: 0
ian mckellen cats movie

As Seth Rogen live-tweeted Cats because we’re all trapped inside forever now, Twitter became captivated by a tale of a secret (and now legendary cut of the film), which found its way in front of Rogen, who did the only responsible thing: immediately demanded its release.

Release the Butthole Cut of Cats!!

— Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) March 18, 2020

As #ReleaseTheButtholeCut spread like wildfire because, again, we’ll all trapped indoors for months, it dominated headlines as movie lovers were justifiably intrigued by the bold new possibilies this new version of Cats had to offer. What endless delights! Unfortunately, a recent update is shattering millions of online dreams, and it brings us no pleasure to report that that the butthole cut of Cats is probably a myth.

In an email to writer/director Ben Mekler, a VFX crewmember, who asked to remain anonymous, has clarified some confusion around the rectal-themed cut. Via io9:

“There were never shots of cats with butt holes. Or at least by design. None that I saw anyway. However, there were a dozen or so shot where the skin and fur sim was groomed or just folded in a way that really REALLY looked like very furry lady genitals and buttholes by accident. The task (as typical with heavy cg shows fell on 2D to paint out the offending articles where it was brought up and spotted. Daily reviews were constant awkward discussions of people plucking up the courage to point things like this out: ‘does that [look] like a fanny to you?”

Mekler has reportedly assured io9 that the email is from a crewmember who worked on Cats, but it’s up to readers to decide if they want to give up hope on seeing a more anatomically correct version of the films.

Here’s Mekler’s original tweet if you need closure or wish to question its authenticity. Whatever gets you through these dark times.

URGENT #ReleaseTheButtholeCut update/clarification, emailed to me by a CATS VFX crewmember who has asked to remain anonymous

— ben mekler (@benmekler) March 18, 2020

(Via io9)

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