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The Funniest Comedies On Hulu Right Now

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Mar 20 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 30 | Comments: 0

Last Updated: March 20th

Hulu’s giving Netflix a run for its money in the laughs department.

The streaming platform has tons of great TV shows, but did you know some comedy gems are also hidden over there? There are some cult classics starring icons like Bill Murray and Chevy Chase, but there are also some new wave hits, sci-fi satires starring Anne Hathaway, an outrageous biopic with Margot Robbie, and Boots Riley’s directorial debut. Whatever your tastes, there’s something to split your sides … like, in a good way.

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I, Tonya (2017)

Run Time: 120 min | IMDb: 7.5/10

As flashy and over-the-top as the sequin-spandex numbers that graced the ice back in the ’80s, I, Tonya manages to straddle a thin line. It’s both a biopic of one of the most notorious female athletes in the history of figure skating and a raucous comedy intent on mocking everything troubling about American culture at the time. Margot Robbie is brilliant in her role – playing a woman tortured by talent and her inability to capitalize on it – and you can literally hear Allison Janney chewing every scene she’s in as Harding’s narcissistic, chain-smoking mother. Plus that parrot bit is as funny as you could hope.

Annapurna Pictures

Vice (2018)

Run Time: 132 min | IMDb: 7.2/10

Adam McKay’s controversial biopic lands on Hulu with its impressive cast of Oscar-winners including Christian Bale, who undergoes a mind-blowing transformation to play former Vice President Dick Cheney. The film follows the build-up to Cheney’s White House appointment, as he gains power first as a Washington insider, then as the man pulling the strings of the Bush administrations. Amy Adams plays his supportive, just as morally compromised wife, Lynne, with Sam Rockwell turning in a hilarious performance as Bush himself.

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Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Run Time: 111 min | IMDb: 7/10

Boots Riley’s directorial debut comes courtesy of this dark, absurdist comedy that manages to weave themes of class and capitalism into a bonkers tale about a telemarketer living in Oakland who figures out a way to use his “white voice” to make sales. As he moves up the ladder, selling while hiding his identity, he’s pulled into a conspiracy that forces him to choose between cashing in at humanity’s expense or joining his friends in a rebellion against the system. Lakeith Stanfield gives a riveting turn as Cassius Green, Cash, the kid at the center of this bizarre story, and Tessa Thompson gives a commendable performance as Cash’s radical feminist girlfriend, Detroit.


Little Monsters (2019)

Run Time: 93 min | IMDb: 6.3/10

Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o stars in this darkly comedic zombie flick, playing a plucky schoolteacher charged with keeping her class safe amidst a surprise zombie outbreak. Josh Gad joins her as Teddy, an obnoxious television personality who hosts the class on the field trip gone wrong and, with the help of a washed-up musician, the three try to fight off the undead — and not kill each other in the process. It’s a nice change of pace to see Nyong’o flexing her comedy muscles, and there’s enough gore and thrills to keep horror fans on the edge of their seats.

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RLJE Films

Plus One (2019)

Run Time: 99 min | IMDb: 6.6/10

Pen15‘s Maya Erskine and ‘ Jack Quaid star in this modern rom-com about a pair of friends who agree to suffer a summer of wedding invites together. Alice and Ben have been pals since college but when their mutuals start getting hitched, and they’re left without dates to the happy nuptials, they make a pact to be each others’ “plus one.” What begins as a chance to score free booze and food quickly spirals into a neverending series of interactions that remind them how lonely they both are and force them to confront their hidden attraction.


Booksmart (2019)

Run Time: 102 min | IMDb: 7.2/10

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut is this coming-of-age ode to friendship starring Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever. Feldstein plays Molly, a politically ambitious high schooler, who resolves to have one night of teenage fun before graduation. She ropes her best friend Amy (Dever) into her plan, and the two navigate a host of wild mishaps to make it to the biggest party of the year. It’s fun and heartfelt and a surprisingly confident first take from Wilde.


My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Run Time: 105 min | IMDb: 6.3/10

Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Cameron Diaz star in this classic rom-com about a woman set upon preventing her best friend’s marriage. Roberts plays Julianne, a woman who realizes she’s in love with her best friend, Michael (Mulroney), just days before he’s supposed to wed his rich fiance, Kim (Diaz). Roberts attends the festivities, befriending Kim while also trying to split the pair up, using wedding planning mishaps and bar karaoke to prove how wrong they are for one another. It’d be cringe-worthy if Roberts wasn’t so damn lovable, and Diaz wasn’t hilariously naive.

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Bleecker Street

The Art of Self Defense (2019)

Run Time: 104 min | IMDb: 6.7/10

Jesse Eisenberg stars in this offbeat comedy about a young man taking control of his life. Eisenberg plays Casey, a timid accountant who begins taking karate classes after being assaulted by a motorcycle gang. With the help of his mysterious Sensei, Casey starts to become more masculine, more confident, and more aggressive, which leads to all kinds of issues in his personal and professional life. The film takes some twists and turns we won’t spoil here, but it’s a wonderfully dark, comedic take on the perils of toxic masculinity, and Eisenberg feels like the perfect guide into such a bizarre world.


Colossal (2017)

Run Time: 109 min | IMDb: 6.2/10

A decidedly unusual twist on the giant monster movie, Nacho Vigolando’s Colossal follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway), an unemployed writer who moves back to her hometown after her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) breaks up with her. After moving into her childhood home, Gloria’s heavy drinking starts to take a toll on her before she starts to realize that she may have a significant connection with a towering monster that spontaneously appears over Seoul, South Korea.

New World Pictures

Heathers (1981)

Run Time: 103 min | IMDb: 7.3/10

One for the outsiders, Heathers is the darkest of the ’80s teen comedies. While your “teen-angst bulls*t” may not have had a body count, everyone can relate to the constant pressure to be popular that plagues high school hallways. Winona Ryder proves herself to be the ultimate cool girl as Veronica, who takes matters into her own hands in order to destroy a toxic clique. Cynical and more than a little cruel, Heathers changed the game for teen films forever. While Mean Girls may be its spiritual successor, Heathers remains the one Queen Bee to rule them all.


Super (2010)

Run Time: 96 min | IMDb: 6.7/10

The Office favorite Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page star in this absurd comedy that offers a fresh spin on the masked vigilante genre. Wilson plays Frank, an everyday guy who dons some tights and an alter ego to fight crime when his wife falls prey to a drug dealer. The only problem with his crusade for justice is that he’s not particularly adept at taking down bad guys. Imagine if Dwight Schrute had put on a costume and tried to hunt down the Scranton Strangler, and you’re almost there with this film.

Warner Bros.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Run Time: 97 min | IMDb: 7.6/10

Chevy Chase returns for more disaster comedy, this time focused around everyone’s favorite holiday. Clark and the Griswolds host their extended family for the holiday, and they struggle to enjoy the perfect Christmas despite power outages, dry turkeys, and sh*tty bosses. It’s everything you’d expect from a movie in this comedy franchise, but it’s also one of the best holiday flicks of all time.

Columbia Pictures

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Run Time: 95 min | IMDb: 7.6/10

You can’t talk about rom-coms without praising the O.G. friends-to-lovers romp that is this ’80s classic. Billy Crystal and America’s then-sweetheart, Meg Ryan, star as two New York City besties (going to batting cages and eating at delis) who worry that adding sex to the mix will ruin their friendship. The film poses the age-old question: can men and women really be just friends? But it does it in a way that still feels fresh, decades later.

Florence Pugh as PaigeMGM

Fighting With My Family (2019)

Run Time: 108 min | IMDb: 7.1/10

Dwayne Johnson and Lena Headey star in this family drama about a pair of siblings with dreams of making it in the WWE. Only one, Florence Pugh’s Saraya, actually makes it, but the road to wrestling stardom is riddled with fake friends, sexism, parental drama, and self-doubt. There’s plenty of great matchups here — body slams, cage matches and the like — but the real draw is Pugh, who completely disappears in the role.


Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Run Time: 108 min | IMDb: 6.7/10

Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant star in this quintessential British rom-com that still feels fresh and inventive, nearly 20 years after it first dropped. Zellweger plays the titular heroine, a on-air reporter who’s unlucky in love and who wades through bad dates and even worse relationships with trademark British humor. She hooks up with her hot boss David Cleaver (Grant) before striking up a tense romance with Mark Darcy (Firth) and most of the film follows Bridget as she must choose between the two men and the version of herself she wants to be.

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