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These Photos From CRSSD Will Leaving You Dreaming About Life After Quarantine

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Mar 20 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 65 | Comments: 0
Quinn Tucker/ @quasarmedia

Remember music festivals? Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan [Editor’s Note: I am!]. They can be overly crowded, the sets are never long enough, and as great as beer gardens are — they force you to be a little further from the action than I’d like. But damn if I wouldn’t give anything to live in a world where I could go to a music festival right now. Oh, to bump shoulders with complete strangers, scream lyrics I only half-know, and dance my electronic music-loving heart out. What a world that would be!

One day, we’ll get to do that again, friends. But for now, we’ll have to live in the not-so-distant past. Like from two weekends ago.

San Diego’s CRSSD Festival, held on March 7th and 8th — in the earlier stages of our collective coronavirus freakout — will go down as one of the last southern California music festivals that people were able to actually enjoy without the severe sense of dread we all now feel on an hourly basis. Perhaps it shouldn’t have been. It’s now been reported that two attendees did have coronavirus at the festival. Yikes.

Even with that new constext, there’s something in these photos that it fills me with an incredible amount of energy, optimism, and excitement for the day we’re able to put this mess behind us. Here are all the best photos from CRSSD Festival. And check out our IG takeover from the festival too, hosted by @KendalKay and @LindsayMarieBrewer.

Kendal Kay/ @kendalkayKirby GladsteinMiranda McDonald/ @mirandamcdonaldKirby GladsteinQuinn Tucker/ @quasarmediaMiranda McDonald /@mirandamcdonaldFelicia Garcia/ @fixationphotographyKirby GladsteinMiranda McDonald/ @mirandamcdonaldFelicia Garcia/ @fixationphotographyMiranda McDonald/ @mirandamcdonaldMiranda McDonald/ @mirandamcdonaldFelicia Garcia/ @fixationphotographyKirby GladsteinKendal Kay/ @kendalkayMiranda McDonald/ @mirandamcdonaldKirby GladsteinKirby Gladstein
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