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Robert Downey Jr. Once Caused An ‘Iron Man 3’ Production Shutdown With A Supremely Tony Stark Move

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Mar 23 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 29 | Comments: 0
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During a wide-ranging look back at his career, Guy Pearce shared an interesting anecdote about his experience filming Iron Man 3. While sitting down with GQ, the prolific Australian actor remembered one particular moment when Robert Downey Jr. managed to shut down production for six weeks after he pulled a very Tony Stark move going into a stunt. Via Screen Rant:

“Robert broke his ankle in the middle of that film, ’cause he had to a stunt where he had to jump from one platform down to another platform and be on a cable.” Though Downey has spoken about his injury before, Pearce provided detail, explaining, “They went to rehearse it, and he said, ‘No, I don’t need to rehearse it,’ and he jumped, and the guy holding the cable wasn’t ready or something, and he landed hard, and he broke his ankle, so the film sort of shut down for 5 or 6 weeks.”

Walking into a dangerous situation and deciding to just wing it is pure Stark, but it usually helps when you stick the badass superhero three-point landing. It not only looks awesome, but it does wonders for avoiding a trip to the ER.

For the Marvel aficionados out there, Pearce didn’t just spill tea on his co-star’s misplaced bravado in the GQ video. He also broke down the process of bringing to life the villainous, fire-breathing Aldrich Killian. Via Heroic Hollywood:

“Somebody’s got a chip on their shoulder and it just develops and develops and develops where somebody just needs to get revenge or needs to feel like they need to have a place in the world. That’s great stuff to play, because are they a villain, or are they just kind of out of kilter? And they then can just get carried away with themselves. Aldrich Killian’s a young man who’s quite a science nerd, but somebody who’s really rejected from society. And through the brilliance of his innovation and invention, he’s able to create something that enables him to morph into the most perfect version of himself and comes back supposedly a better man.”

You can watch Pearce talk about his experience on Iron Man 3 at the 16:30 mark below:

(Via GQ, Screen Rant, Heroic Hollywood)

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