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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Have Returned Home After Their Coronavirus Quarantine In Australia

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Mar 28 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 41 | Comments: 0
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America has been besieged by the novel coronavirus for under a month now, with over 100,000 cases in the U.S. alone, as of this writing. Two of the first celebrities to test positive were no less than Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The power couple learned of their diagnosis while in Australia, prepping for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic, which has since been put on hold. The news came on March 11, when the two self-quarantined. But now, on March 28, they revealed they’ve been able to make it back home to Los Angeles.

— Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) March 28, 2020

Of course, just because they’re back from the other side of the planet doesn’t mean they’re galivanting about outdoors. Los Angeles remains under quarantine, the streets empty except for those getting essentials or doing solitary exercising (that is, of course, if they’re obeying the rules).

“We’re home now and, like the rest of America, we carry on with sheltering in place and social distancing,” the two-time Oscar-winner wrote. “Many, many thanks to everyone in Australia who looked after us. Their care and guidance made possible our return to the USA. And many thanks to all of you who reached out with well wishes. Rita and I appreciate it.”

He ended, as he always does, with his apparent nickname: “Hanx.”

The news of their return broke Friday, at places like Entertainment Weekly, who reported that the two were photographed driving in L.A. Earlier last week Hanks gave an update following their two-week quarantine, writing, “We feel better.” They also advised anyone with symptoms to stay indoors, as they did. “Sheltering in place works like this: You don’t give it to anyone — You don’t get it from anyone. Common sense, no?”

Anyway, good for them, and hopefully the comically long flight from Oz to L.A. was a peaceful one. To the rest of you, do what Turner of Turner and Hooch says and remain indoors.

(Via EW)

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