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Matt Reeves Denies Rumors That He’s Re-Writing ‘The Batman,’ But He Is Rethinking Its ‘Tone’

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Apr 13 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 37 | Comments: 0
Warner Bros.

While continuing to promote his new Amazon series Tales from the Loop, Matt Reeves is giving fans another peak under the hood of what’s happening with The Batman. Production stalled on the Robert Pattinson-starring film after barely two months of filming, thanks to the global pandemic, and rumors have started to swirl that Reeves is re-writing his take on Gotham’s caped crusader. But in an interview with Deadline, the director makes it very clear that he will not be changing the story that took him over two years to write.

Reeves did, however, reveal that while he’s not “officially editing” the small amount of footage that has been shot, which he estimates is about a quarter of the movie, he is sifting through the dailies for clues on how to rethink The Batman‘s tone.

“It happens any time you shoot anything. The unexpected — happy accidents and things you didn’t quite expect: That is the lightning in a bottle for something that is alive. I would say that the changes really have to do with ‘Oh, seeing the tone of this’ with these scenes we haven’t done which connect to that part of the storyline. It feels like there might be an opportunity to explore some of that unexpected tone that we found. With these movies, you never have enough prep time, because they’re so complex and so enormous in so many ways. It also gives me a moment to think about the larger sequences that have yet to come up and how I want to realize those,” adds Reeves.

Those “larger sequences” are, of course, the big action set pieces that are part and parcel of making a Batman film, which can only improve now that Reeves and Warner Bros. have more time to plan. As for whether or not the film will resume shooting in the UK, Reeves is cautiously optimistic despite the current pandemic. “It’s way too early to say,” he tells Deadline. “I can’t imagine we wouldn’t finish in London. The situation is fluid.”

(Via Deadline)

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