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Best Picture Winner ‘Parasite’ Is A Record-Breaking Hit For Hulu

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After Parasite won Best Picture (which was, somehow, only nine weeks ago), it received a 230 percent “bump” at the domestic box office, eventually pushing its total to $53.48 million. The Bong Joon Ho-directed film is now the fourth highest-grossing foreign language movie of all-time, behind only Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Life is Beautiful, and Hero, but there’s still a lot of people who never caught it in theaters. And nearly as many who wanted to re-watch it, based on figures provided by Hulu.

IndieWire reports that since debuting on the streaming service on April 8, Parasite has “become the most streamed independent or foreign language film among all titles available on Hulu.” Not only that, but the dark comedy-thriller (along with about seven other genres) is “now the second most-watched movie overall on Hulu ever among titles currently available to stream.” That means in a single week, Parasite has already been streamed more times than Aquaman, A Quiet Place, and Bohemian Rhapsody, among other “blockbuster” titles, during the entire time they’ve been on Hulu. Not too shabby.

No wonder Hulu shut down those subtitles-averse trolls. Not the kind of trolls who go on world tours, either. That’s not on Hulu.

it won…. four oscars……

— Hulu (@hulu) April 8, 2020

if you don't want to read subtitles, you can always learn Korean!

— Hulu (@hulu) April 8, 2020

I mean, Parasite‘s no Gone with the Wind, but it’s still pretty good.

(Via IndieWire)

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