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Here’s Everything New On Netflix This Week, Including ‘#BlackAF’

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Apr 17 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 18 | Comments: 0

Netflix keeps us entertained this week with a couple of new series and a thrilling biopic with some familiar faces. First up is a Goonies-approved teen mystery set on the North Carolina coast that has everything you could want — think treasure hunts and missing parents. Next is Black-ish creator Kenya Barris’ meta-comedy based on his own life and starring Rashida Jones. And finally, there’s Sergio, a star-studded drama based on a gripping true story.

Here’s everything coming to (and leaving) Netflix this week of April 17.

Outer Banks (Netflix series streaming 4/15)

Netflix’s latest teen drama is like an aged up Goonies, but with a lot more angst. The series follows a trio of friends investigating missing persons and looking for lost treasure on the North Carolina coast. The setting is familiar to anyone who’s seen a Nicholas Sparks movie, but the drama is, surprisingly, entertaining. There are enough twists to keep you intrigued, even if watching a bunch of suntanned hotties frolicking on the beach gives you serious FOMO because, you know, corona.

#blackAF (Netflix series streaming 4/17)

Rashida Jones and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris team up for this comedy series that carries a bit more edge than its cousin over on ABC. The show follows an over-the-top version of Barris and his struggles to connect with his wife Joya (Jones) and his six kids. Wielding a mockumentary type format — Barris’ oldest daughter is an NYU student doing a doc on the family’s life and her father’s career — it’s meta to the nth degree and as unlikable as some of the characters are, it’s the kind of interestingly funny comedy we don’t see often which makes it worthy of a watch.

Sergio (Netflix film streaming 4/17)

Narcos star Wagner Moura stars as the title character in this biopic about United Nations diplomat Sérgio Vieira de Mello, a lauded humanitarian and peacekeeper who was assassinated in a hotel bombing in 2003. The film starts with that tragedy, working backward to tell the story of a man on the brink of greatness and the people who helped get him there.

Here’s a full list of what’s been added in the last week:

Avail. 4/14
Chris D’Elia: No Pain

Avail. 4/15
The Innocence Files
Outer Banks

Avail. 4/16
Despicable Me
Fary: Hexagone
: Season 2
Fauda: Season 3
Hail, Caesar!
Mauricio Meirelles: Levando o Caos
Jem and the Holograms

Avail. 4/17
Earth and Blood
(La terre et le sang)
The Last Kids on Earth: Book 2
Legado en los huesos
Too Hot to Handle

And here’s what’s leaving next week, so it’s your last chance:

Leaving 4/19
The Longest Yard

Leaving 4/24
The Ugly Truth

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