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PUMA Dropped An Eco-Collection Made From Recycled Yarn For Earth Day

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Apr 22 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 49 | Comments: 0

In celebration of Earth Day, PUMA is linking up with First Mile for a second time to deliver a 12-piece apparel collection made from recycled yarn from repurposed plastic bottles. Considering the fashion industry as a whole is one of the world’s biggest polluters, any effort by brands to create a more sustainable supply chain is worthy of praise in our books, and First Mile is pretty legit in their methods of collecting plastic bottles, converting those bottles into useable yarn, and supporting the micro-economies overseas where a majority of our clothing is produced.

First Mile is pretty exhaustive about tracking the results of their impact, and to date has diverted over 4,756, 904 pounds of plastic waste from the landfills and oceans, turned 97,349,568 plastic bottles into useful recyclables, and generated $659,109 in revenue for entrepreneurs who work with the brand. Their website features graphs indicating how much total plastic waste has been diverted broken down by brands they’ve worked with, which in addition to PUMA include Aerie, Marmont, Ralph Lauren, and Converse. Definitely check those out if you care about sustainability and you’re a huge graph nerd.


Each piece in PUMA and First Mile’s collection is comprised of at least 83% to 100% recycled yarn. The small collection consists of athletic wear like performance-minded footwear, work out apparel, and accessories for both men and women. Visually, the new line takes on a distinct earthy tone (in the spirit of Earth Day) with splashes of spring-appropriate contrasting colors. The obvious highlights of the collaboration include PUMA’s signature LQD CELL sneaker, which drops in either a white and olive colorway or a simple black, and the WMNS-sized Shatter Camo sneaker.

Check out the full collection below and head to PUMA’s online store to shop the new line. Pieces from the collection range between $23-$110.

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