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An Online Petition Is Demanding That Netflix Should Be Free During Quarantine

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Apr 22 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 43 | Comments: 0
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Much of America has been on lockdown, quarantining from the still rampaging pandemic, for well over a month now, and what have we been doing to keep busy? Streaming, of course. But a new online petition has been gaining traction, one that offers a modest proposal: Netflix should be free for at least the next 60 days.

Entertainment Weekly caught the petition, which was launched on and currently has over 50,000 signatures. Their argument? It states that quarantining and social distancing are of utmost importance, but there are also drawbacks, among them that it “runs the risk of boredom and isolation, which can lead to depression, among other factors.”

The petition states that many “are turning to their streaming services to alleviate their monotony,” but that there’s a problem: “many people cannot afford these membership fees, especially in a time like now when many people’s economic livelihood is already strained.”

It continues:
“Therefore, this petition asks that all worldwide streaming services inact a temporary 60 day stoppage of membership charges, as well as per-movie rental fees,” continues the petition. “If people can watch as much as they want, whenever they want, this will help alleviate the stress of home isolation, as well as encourage people to stay home. This is a responsible community health strategy… I call upon every one of these companies that can help make an involuntary homestay more comfortable and therefore more successful to do their part to lift our sorrows and stresses of the quarantine.”

As per EW, Netflix has added 16 million new subscribers so far this year alone, which doubled its projections and led to a surge in its stock price. Indeed, as of Tuesday its value is more than $190 billion, making it more profitable than Disney — although Disney, some of its major cash cows being shuttered because of COVID-19, is currently bleeding cash. Still, Disney+ has signed up over 50 million subscribers since launching in November.

EW reported that neither Netflix nor any other streamer had commented on the petition since, so we’ll see what happens.

To view the petition, visit

(Via EW)

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