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‘Star Wars Day’ Will Be Getting A Virtual Convention For This Year’s May The 4th Celebrations

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Apr 29 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 37 | Comments: 0

Everything’s moving online these days, from SNL to Trolls World Tour to Chris Martin concerts. So why not conventions? As per The Hollywood Reporter, May the 4th — better known round geek circles as “Star Wars Day” — will be fitted with a virtual convention, or as they’re dubbing it, “An Online Revelry.”

The internet hoedown is being organized by New York Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration organizers ReedPop, and it seems to be a packed affair. There will be live-tweeting for movies and shows like Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, on top of Q&As and discussion with the likes of voice actors and authors of Star Wars novels.

But there’s more:

Additionally, fans will be able to take part in trivia quizzes and prize giveaways across the May 4-5 period, with ReedPop encouraging usage of the hashtags #Maythe4th and #Revengeofthe5th for those participating. Events will take place across social media accounts associated with multiple ReedPop properties, including New York Comic Con, C2E2, BookCon, Emerald City Comic Con and Florida SuperCon, on both Twitter and Facebook.

Star Wars Day was first launched in 2011, the May 4th date chosen, of course, because it allows revelers to make a “May the Fourth Be With You” joke. Surely future conventions will take note of how this one goes off.

You can view the day’s full schedule over at THR.

(Via THR)

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