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Keanu Reeves Has To Finish His ‘Matrix 4’ Commitments Before He Can Start ‘John Wick 4’

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Apr 30 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 36 | Comments: 0
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Late last year, it was reported that The Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 would have the same release date: May 21, 2021, a.k.a. Keanu Reeves Day. Yeah… about that.

In an interview with Collider, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum director Chad Stahelski, who worked as Reeves’ stunt double on The Matrix before becoming a stunt coordinator on the sequels, said there was some miscommunication about the whole “Matrix same-day” thing. “That was a fubar thing, couple wires got crossed between studios [and] that was a misquote from someone else about how they’re coming out on the same day,” he explained. The good news: you won’t have to choose which excellent Keanu Reeves movie to see first (in this house, every day is Keanu Reeves Day). The bad news: it might be awhile before John Wick 4: Rise of the Tick-Tock Man comes out.

“Between how much we want to expand the John Wick — let’s just call it a ‘franchise’, I guess — and the pandemic, I couldn’t tell you a release date for the next one. I mean, Matrix was only four weeks in when this all happened. So, Keanu’s gotta go finish his commitment up on The Matrix, which is a big deal and which I think will probably take him until the end of the year. Then we have to go into our prep mode… Release dates, who knows right now.”

Stahelski also revealed that he occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night, thinking, “Horses! How do I beat horses?!” but, he added, “I think I have a lot of really cool ideas for the next one that I think are different and shocking and fun and unique.”

As long as Keanu Reeves is mowing down bad guys in neon-lit rooms, I’m there opening night, whenever that is.

(Via Collider)

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