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Ryan Reynolds Admits That Letting ‘Deadpool 3’ Run Wild In The MCU Is Still Up In The Air

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May 1 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 42 | Comments: 0
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While promoting his latest film, Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds shared an update on Deadpool 3 and how things are going with making the Merc With the Mouth play nice with his new Disney pals. Unfortunately, it sounds like there are still concerns around letting Deadpool run wild in the MCU, and Reynolds also seems to be implying that there is still a scenario where a third film doesn’t happen.

While talking to Total Film (via GamesRadar), Reynolds admitted that the situation with Marvel is still “all so new,” and they’re still trying to figure out the “ins and outs.” It also doesn’t help that current events have thrown Hollywood into a state of uncertainty across the board where nobody knows when projects are going to make it in front of a camera.

“I think once I’m more intimate with it – if we get to make a Deadpool 3… if or when we get to make a Deadpool 3, I’ll probably have a better perspective on that. But I’m a huge fan of Marvel, and how they make movies. So when Disney bought Fox, I only saw that as a good thing. Deadpool hopefully being allowed to play in that sandbox, I think is just a win for everyone involved. But we’ll certainly see.”

Again, Hollywood is in a state of flux, so it’s understandable that Reynolds would be uncertain about the timeline for filming Deadpool 3. That said, his answer seems to suggest that unleashing Deadpool on the MCU isn’t a done deal. Obviously, it would be a win-win for fans, but apparently Disney still has concerns about mixing the R-Rated property with its more family-friendly PG-13 Marvel universe.

Granted, Reynolds and Marvel Studios made their relationship official back in December when he announced Deadpool 3 on Live! With Kelly Ryan, but that’s honestly not a lot of time to devise a plan given both Reynolds’ and Marvel’s full plates. Toss in a global pandemic, and Deadpool fans might be waiting a very long time until they see their favorite katana-wielding sex toy on the big screen again.

(Via GamesRadar)

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