Jordan Peele Is Daring Fans To Conjure ‘Candyman’ On Twitter, And People Are Terrified

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The trailer for the new Candyman drops on Thursday, but fans can get an exclusive first look at the “spiritual sequel” to the ’90s horror classic if they’re not too scared to take Jordan Peele up on his dare by saying Candyman’s name five times on Twitter.

I dare you to say his name.

Click below to tweet #Candyman 5 times in one post. @CandymanMovie will haunt your feed with an exclusive first look. See the trailer on Thursday.

— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) February 25, 2020

But if you’re too afraid to tweet — no judgment — here’s the short clip the official Candyman account is dropping in people’s mentions:

@cevangelista413 Prepare to be hooked. The first trailer for #Candyman drops Thursday.

— Candyman (@CandymanMovie) February 25, 2020

Of course, you can’t just hop on Twitter and dare people to say “Candyman” five times without getting some choice reactions:

You really thought you were going to get your people to do this??? I'mma just buy a ticket to the movie like a normal person and not play with demons ty…

— Aspie in the Sky with ✨💎💎✨ (@Zforce9II) February 25, 2020

— Big Celleo From the Kokomo (@Cellustharula90) February 25, 2020

Not on my Christian Twitter will yall be summoning Satan!

— The Problemagic Gnome (@Jyggazaam) February 25, 2020

Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who’s hot off the success of HBO’s Watchmen, and the original Candyman himself Tony Todd, the film promises to hook modern audiences on the Clive Barker classic. Here’s what Mateen told Uproxx shortly after wrapping in Chicago:

“It’s a beautiful city. And it was also really cool to be working on IP that the world knows, and it’s important in the horror-genre canon, so you know, it’s really cool to be part of something that people know about, but also to have the opportunity to retell that story while also honoring all of the good things that were about it. Obviously, I think Jordan [Peele] has a certain perspective, and it’s always nice to bring social commentary into the work that we do. So we definitely inject that into our work, and [director] Nia DaCosta is an up-and-coming filmmaker. She was already very good, and I’m glad to be able to work with her before everyone else knows all about her because she’s really, really good, and so I’m really happy to have something to share next summer with what we did with Candyman. I think it has the opportunity to be really special. And scary.”

And for one last tease, MGM just released the first poster for Candyman that should tide fans over until the trailer hits.


(Via Jordan Peele, Birth.Movies.Death.)

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