The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Demo Has Officially Hit The Playstation Store

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Fans of Final Fantasy have been eagerly waiting for the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake set for release on April 10, and they got a surprise overnight when Square Enix dropped the official demo in the Playstation Store.

On Monday, the demo to the Final Fantasy 7 remake let fans get to the experience the opening portions of the game where Cloud and Barrett are on a mission to blow up the North Mako Reactor in Midgar. And it looks gorgeous.

We've just released the free #FinalFantasy VII Remake demo on PlayStation Store.

What are you waiting for? Download it now and experience the beginning of the story for yourself! #FF7R


— FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) March 2, 2020

Fans of the series have a lot to be excited about. There’s voice acting throughout pretty much the entire opening segment and the combat looks fast. It’s a weird mix of action and strategy, though. Despite being presented as action style combat it’s a little more tactical and on the rails than perhaps you would expect. This demo is a good place to start getting fans used to that style, though, and avoid the initial surprise they might go through when the game officially launches in April.

This is a great opportunity for Final Fantasy fans to get their fix and for those not quite as familiar with the series to get a quick intro. Soon you’ll be running through the streets of Midgar again like it’s 1997. You can access the demo on the Playstation store.

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