‘Super Smash Bros’ Will Now Have A World Circuit For Competitions

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Super Smash Bros. has for many fans long been the ultimate video game skills challenge. Two players, no items: Go at it. As the series has grown so have fans of the highly competitive side of it, but Nintendo has long been apprehensive about supporting that truly competitive aspect of the game.

But after years of grassroots, unofficial tournaments the fans have taken it upon themselves to create a system that will better support these players and let them play to the best of their ability with bigger rewards. A full on world circuit. Not just for Ultimate, the latest release, but also Smash Bros. Melee.

Introducing the Smash World Tour, a tournament series for both Ultimate AND Melee!

– Over 25 community events around the world
– $250k+ combined Championships Prize Pool

Full details: https://t.co/2E7AKLDjjq
Opt-in YOUR event here: https://t.co/hKVB5wQmKN#SmashWorldTour pic.twitter.com/0aFI7y7xco

— Smash World Tour (@SmashWorldTour) March 1, 2020

This is monumental news for the Smash Bros. competitive community. While there have long been tournaments that are considered majors, sort of like golf, there was never an organized structure. Players simply showed up to the bigger tournaments with larger prize pools. Now, there’s actually an organized circuit for players everywhere to follow along with, play in, and compete in with prize pools that will keep players feeling like there’s a reason to compete. It’s everything any player of competitive Smash has ever wanted.

There’s a lot of potential to turn Smash Bros. into one of the biggest e-sports out there, and with prize pools that actually matter it will keep the competitive player base thriving. It might even grow enough that it gets the attention of Nintendo itself, as fans hope the company will one day support the competitive community that has been building for years.

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