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‘The Longing’ Is A Game That Will Take 400 Days To Beat

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Every game you play there is typically a clear goal of some kind and at the end of that goal is a credits sequence. Games, by nature, are meant to be completed. How long it takes to beat them can vary. Some are as quick as eight hours, while there are a few rare games that can be 100 hours long. It typically depends on the kind of game it is and what the developers are trying to get out of it. Usually, 100 hours is the apex of game length. Anything longer and major fatigue sets in, if it hasn’t already.

Now, what if you played a game that was even longer? One that took over a year to complete. No, not one of those never ending games like a World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Animal Crossing, or The Sims. I mean a game that has an actual start to finish ending and it takes a full 400 days to complete. What I’m talking about is “The Longing.” A game that just released for Steam on Thursday, March 5 and is advertising itself as a game that can’t be beaten for 400 days. The game even has a four hour trailer.

The game itself seems like a pretty simple concept. You watch over a “shade” that appears to be trapped inside a cave. Your shade can fully explore the cave, has a living room inside of it, and you can find items for them to find further comfort inside the cave. It’s extremely atmospheric looking and the music has a depressing but calming tone to it. Of course, while all this sounds nice, nobody has time for a game that takes 400 days worth to beat. Luckily, you don’t have to actually play 400 real life days worth of game to beat it. Time moves on its own even when you don’t play. The official description on Steam has more info to calm players down that might be a little overwhelmed by this game.

Choose your playing style:
Start the game and simply come back after 400 days to see how it ends. You actually don’t have to play the game at all. But the Shade will be even more lonely without you.

Or explore the caves and collect items for your comfortable underground living room. Just send the Shade to take a stroll – the walking speed is slow, but luckily there is no need to hurry.

The Longing could be a game that you just relax with at the end of a, pun not intended, long day. Come home, boot up the laptop, and spend 40 minutes with your shade exploring and designing its living room. Then call it a day and go back to making dinner. I imagine the more you play and explore though the better the rewards will be.

What I look forward to the most is to see what speedrunners come up with this game. The Longing sounds like it’s impossible to speedrun, but I wouldn’t put it past them to find a way to beat it quicker than the supposed 400 days it will take. Anyways, see you back on April 9, 2021 to discuss the ending.

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