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Tom Holland’s Not Dropping Spoilers Anymore, But He’s Confessing To Other Marvel Shenanigans

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Mar 6 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 51 | Comments: 0

Tom Holland recently stopped by BBC Radio 1 to promote Pixar’s Onward, and he was peppered with adorably candid questions from kids. After being asked if he’s ever stolen anything while on set, the Spider-Man actor revealed that Marvel might want to start shaking him down at the end of the day because Holland is apparently quite the thief, according to Comic Book:

“Honestly, I’ve got a set of web-shooters from the Spider-Man suit, which Marvel don’t know about, but they do now,” Holland said. “These are big ones. I’ve got Tony Stark’s glasses. I tried to take a suit once, but it’s a little bit difficult to walk out of the set in a Spider-Man suit.”

Asked if he can get in trouble for lifting from film sets, Holland answered, “I mean, I haven’t so far.”

“I haven’t so far, and they always make loads of them, because they break all the time,” Holland explained. “I’m like, ‘Oh, I lost the Tony Stark glasses!’ They’re like, ‘You what?!’ And now they’re on my mantle piece.”

In Holland’s defense, he is gearing up to play Nathan Drake, a modern day Indiana Jones in Sony’s upcoming adaptation of the Uncharted video game, so he can always chalk up his pilfering to method acting.

As for the rest of the video, Holland reveals which Marvel actors he’d want to be stranded with on a deserted island with, his biggest regret in life, and what he really thinks about Robert Downey Jr. These kids are good, but it also didn’t hurt that the BBC hosts warned Holland that if he didn’t answer any of the questions, it means that he hates children. You’d think that would be enough motivation to play ball, but the young MCU actor does try to dodge a question, so you heard it here first. Tom Holland might not be wild about kids. You hate to see it.

(Via BBC Radio 1, Comic Book)

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