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Virgin Airlines Asked Its Staff To Take Eight Weeks Of Unpaid Leave And People Aren’t Feeling It

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Mar 16 '20 | By entertainoiam2admin | Views: 23 | Comments: 0

Virgin Airlines announced several measures the company would take to save money amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, one of which is asking the staff to take eight weeks of unpaid leave due to shrinking demand and route reductions. Virgin is hoping this will result in minimal job loss while they reduce costs — though many will likely have to look for employment elsewhere or other ways to make up for the loss in salary. Employees are also being offered a one-time, voluntary severance package, and the company will be reducing employer pension contribution for up to a year, deferring annual pay increases until January 2021, and offering a 6-12 month sabbatical.

According to the airline’s statement on the new measures, future scheduling and routes will be determined by customer demand as the airline seeks to park 75% of their current fleet by the 26th of March, and up to 85% in April.

All annual pay increases will be temporarily suspended from March until August of this year when Virgin Airlines plans to reassess the affordability impact of the coronavirus outbreak. A company-wide recruitment freeze will also go into effect. The people on Twitter took a break from coronavirus outrage to throw some shade towards Virgin founder Richard Branson in a particularly British fashion.

Greedy Mr Branson that only looks after number one and his elitist friends

💄🌴🇺🇸⚖🌹👠Maria Regina 🐝🇨🇦🌻💋🍷🗽 (@absomarvilla) March 16, 2020

@richardbranson is a bloody disgrace IF TRUE all the money and wealth he has and yet strips his employees of their wages because of coronavirus i think even after @VirginAtlantic SHOULD BE boycotted

— Mark Hill (@w0lvesno2) March 16, 2020

See the money he hasn’t paid in uk tax why doesn’t he pay his staff with that

— Mícheál (@michaelcarter73) March 16, 2020

How can any of use live without wages for 8 weeks! I’d struggle on one week! Let’s just make the working classes poorer! @BorisJohnson what are you going to do other than hide behind bad advisors?

— Faye (@fayeelizabeth80) March 16, 2020

SHAME ON YOU MR . BRANSON! Sell up your luxury goods and private island. I used to have so much love for your brand and have flown Virgin many many times. Never again! #peoplebeforeprofit #branddamaging

— Malou (@emmer2424) March 16, 2020

Such a w*nker

— Amie (@amz07) March 16, 2020

Calls himself a philanthropist. Very sad, very sad!

— Lynda Top Of A Hill (@OfLynda) March 16, 2020

I have no words for this odious, narcissistic, greedy, shameless little man. @richardbranson

— ClaraBella 💕 (@cle_robo) March 16, 2020

On the real though, how are you going to own an island but not pay your employees?

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